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The Botox Shop London
MD Razvan Vasilas
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Enhance your natural beauty!


The Botox Shop London is a leading London based aesthetic clinic specialising in Non-Surgical aesthetic

We are offering a dynamic range of treatments for those who want to enhance their natural beauty.
Sculpt, define and create your desired facial profile.

All of our treatments are administered by fully trained and qualified staff.
Our staff is fully insured and they practice strict professional code abiding by the highest clinical

We’re committed to excellence so we can meet and exceed your expectations.
You can find us in: Europe and United Kingdom.

MD Razvan Vasilas: Injector and trainer

Cosmetic Dermal fillers are an excellent way to enhance and balance
facial profiles, correct defects on the face and achieve a youthful vision.
Dermal filler is a substance that is injected into the skin in order to fill or
plump the area.


Lip filler
Non-surgical lip enhancement is a very popular treatment amongst all
ages from 18 to over 75 who feel they need to enhance the natural side
and shape of their lips. The lip filler procedure allows you to regain
plumpness by replacing the volume and definition.
Lip enhancement is used to create balance between the upper and
lower lips, correct asymmetry or sculpts new aesthetic and natural-
looking shapes. excellent way to enhance and balance
facial profiles, correct defects on the face and achieve a youthful vision.
Dermal filler is a substance that is injected into the skin in order to fill or
plump the area.


Chin filler

Chin filler is a treatment used to complement and finish off an
unsatisfactory profile. Dermal fillers in the chin can be used to define,
lengthen and enhance the chin area and facial appearance.
The filler is injected into the skin with a thin needle at different depths,
depending on the specific needs.

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Cheeks filler

Chin and cheeks fillers add definition, contour and proportions to the face. This treatment is for those
who want to add or replace loss of volume in the cheek bones. It can result in the appearance of an
overall slimmer face.

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Jawline filler

Jawline filler treatment is quickly becoming a most sought after
treatment. It is used to add volume to the jaw, sculpt and contour the
lower face. It is best used for those who are after a ‘sharp’ and defined
jawline, creating more separation between the jawline and neck.
The procedure is carried out using a high-density filler and a cannula, to
create natural looking results and minimise risks as well as any pain and
discomfort, making the procedure relatively painless, only a mild

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Smile Lines filler

Smile lines are the creases that run from either side of

the nose down
towards the corners of the mouth.

These become more noticeable due
to the loss of volume from our cheeks, middle and upper face.

Tear trough filler The Botox Shop London.jpeg

Tear trough filler

Tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper
cheeks. As we age, we lose soft tissue volume below the eyes, which

can cause a sunken appearance and dark circles. Resulting in a tired
Tear trough filler treatment is used to reduce the depth of the tear
through. Replenishing the lost volume, eliminating the dark circles and
returning a youthful appearance.

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Nose Filler

Non-surgical rhinoplasty ‘nose filler’ is a very popular treatment. This is a safe and effective treatment for those wanting to change the shape of
their nose with instant results.
Dermal nose filler is injected in small amounts with great precision. In
doing so, we are able to fill above and below the nasal bridge to give a
straighter appearance, or turn up the tip of the nose to reduce a ‘hook
shape’ and create a nose that looks smaller. We are also able to reduce
the size of nostrils.

*At The Botox Shop, we will first have a consultation before your procedure to establish the exact look you are after and discuss what is actually achievable.

You’re welcome to book in a Free consultation using our online booking system.

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Justina M

“Where do I even start.. Doctor Razvan is truly the best & not only because he is  great at his job, he is one of the best people I have ever met. He delivers the best results & cares for his patients. Always carefully analyses your requests & tailors treatments to achieve the best results. He will always have your best interest at heart. Truly amazing experience & would recommend choosing him for your desired treatments. You will not get disappointed for sure! I’ve approached Razvan with a very complicated face trauma, which only few people could even try to resolve, but there was no hesitation to help from his side. I will be forever grateful for his support!”

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Almira K

So happy I found this place! Razvan is lovely, friendly and professional. The treatments are well priced and they often have promotions which mean even better prices. He makes you feel so at ease. I’ll definitely recommend The Botox Shop London as I did to all my friends and family.

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Gerda B

I’m very grateful to Dr Razvan for looking out for me. He’s always professional towards the job and kind to his clients. I feel safe and comfortable every time having a procedure done. Furthermore I always recommend him to my friends as the top level aesthetics professional.


Irina S

I have started going to Razvan V. a long time ago. My face improvements are perfect and every time I visit him for little touch ups I leave his clinic very happy and satisfied. He is always recommending what is the best for me and my age. I’d describe him as an amazing and professional person, good looking and very dedicated to his job and clients.